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Empty WooS Wicks (Non-scented)

Empty WooS Wicks (Non-scented)

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Do you want to put your own essential oils on your WooS Wicks?

You can now do so with these empty WooS Wicks! Simply drop your own essential oils onto the wicks and pop it into your WooS.

Comes with two sachets of unscented WooS Wicks. Each sachet has 5 individual wicks.


Cotton wicks

How to use

1. Fray WooS Wicks & insert inside WooS.

2. Inhale deeply through the mouth and exhale through the nose.

*Keep WooS Wicks away from direct heat / sunlight. If a Wick is in a WooS, be sure to keep the WooS in its Barrel.


Orders will be shipped out within two working days.


Not all essential oils are safe for pregnancy, children or to be mixed with medication.

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