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WooS Utilities Bundle

WooS Utilities Bundle

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🌟 Introducing the WooS Utilities Bundle: Your Ultimate Aromatherapy Companion!

Elevate your WooS experience with the WooS Utilities Bundle, meticulously designed for the modern wellness enthusiast. This essential collection not only enhances your WooS inhaler experience but also adds a touch of convenience and style to your daily routine.

✨ WooS Inhaler Brush: Keep your WooS inhaler in pristine condition with our specially designed brush. Its precise size and shape ensure a thorough clean, reaching every nook and cranny, maintaining the purity and effectiveness of your aromatherapy sessions.

🌱 WooS Tweezer: Say goodbye to the hassle of removing used WooS Wicks. Our ergonomic tweezers are crafted for a perfect grip, allowing you to switch wicks with ease and cleanliness, ensuring a seamless transition between your aromatic blends.

πŸ”— WooS Quick Release Hook Lanyard: Experience ultimate convenience with our stylish lanyard. It's the perfect accessory to keep your WooS inhaler within reach, whether you're on the move or relaxing at home. The quick-release hook ensures that your inhaler is always accessible when you need it most.

🌿 WooS Wicks Pouch Bag: Store your WooS Wicks in style with our elegantly woven pouch. Not only does it protect your wicks, but its compact design and natural aesthetics make it a chic addition to your wellness toolkit. Keep your wicks fresh and ready for your next aromatic journey.

πŸ›οΈ The Complete Package for WooS Enthusiasts: Whether you're a seasoned user or new to the world of aromatherapy, the WooS Utilities Bundle is designed to enhance your experience. It's the perfect gift for yourself or a loved one, symbolizing care, convenience, and a commitment to wellness.

Elevate your aromatherapy journey with the WooS Utilities Bundle – where functionality meets sophistication in every aspect of your aromatic experience.

WooS Utilities Bundle contains:
1 X WooS Inhaler Brush
1 X WooS Tweezer
1 X WooS Quick Release Hook Lanyard
1 X WooS Wicks Pouch Bag

WooS Utilities Bundle DOES NOT COME WITH WooS Wicks and WooS Barrel, please purchase separately.


Tweezer: Non-corrosive stainless steel

Brush: Flexible steel with polyester bristle

Lanyard: Polyester, PU, PE.

Bag: Jute

How to use

Tweezer: Push inside WooS and pull out the used wicks

Brush: Use warm water and push in-and-out WooS inhaler.


1. Tie the end-strap to WooS Barrel.

2. Push the button for quick release or quick hook.

Bag: Store WooS wicks inside the bag.


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